So you're trying to Find a wedding photographer for the most important day of your life? And it is essential that you have the most precious record that you will treasure over the years?

About JJJ Photography

"Good" wedding photography is all about capturing that fleeting moment, emotion or expression. It is about having the personality to be able to put people at their ease, to be comfortable with the photographer so that they "forget that they are being photographed". In this way the photographer gets the best wedding photos possible, showing people at their best and at their most relaxed.

About Me

Based in Brentwood, I have developed my passion for photography into a well known and respected business, specialising in Wedding and Events.

As a wedding photographer I have the ability and the equipment to produce creative results. I encourage spontaneity and fun when working with you and your guests. I wouldn't tell you to smile, I would make you smile naturally with a bit of humour if need be. I strive to ensure that you will be relaxed and happy on your special day.